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Surprise, Surprise... oder
Diese Geschichte mit Frieda und Ferdinand

Für alle, die sich vorstellen können, einen Teil der Geschichte mit Frieda und Ferdinand auch in englischer Sprache zu lesen und zu verstehen...

The Birthday Present

A story for children and those who never stopped being one…

Chapter one

The room was still dark, when Maximilian woke up in his bed. Folding back his blanket, he slipped into his house-shoes and got up. While opening the curtain a bit, he took a look at his desk with the computer.
A new CD-Rom attracted his eyes. The boy picked it up, reading the cover:
"Frieda and Ferdinand – An adventurous game for children"
How did it get there? Max turned the plastic cover round, but could not detect anything special on it. Eagerly he started his computer, taking the disc out of the cover.

>Good morning Maximilian and congratulations on your ninth birthday!< The boy couldn´t believe it: The friendly voice came out of the computer.

>How come you know it´s my ninth birthday?< Max was astonished, but continued preparing to start the disc.

>Now, listen! You yourself entered my programme. And you know after all I can calculate myself.< The computers voice sounded a bit cross.

>Sorry, Moritz. You´re right.<

>That´s okay. What are we going to play this morning?<

Maximilian held up the disc before putting it into his supplementary device.

>Here, this one is new. Must be a birthday present from mum. “The Tale of Frieda and Ferdinand. - A Computer Game”. No idea, what´s on it.<

The boy sat down on his chair, while his computer was waiting for the first input of the day.

>Well then, let´s have a look…! You know, how nosy I am…<

Maximilian clicked the commands shown several times with his mouse. Then the cartoons of Frieda, the hen badly pulled to pieces, and Ferdinand, a discarded vacuum-cleaner, appeared on the screen. Finally they could get started. A cartoon was presented with a very sympathetic voice telling the tale.

Frieda came from a layer battery at the outskirts of the town. She was quite old for a hen. So the owner of the layer battery had told her yesterday, that her work in the layer battery would be terminated due to her age. Since Frieda knew, according to similar incidences, that she would be slaughtered now, she left for the town under cover of the night, for which she had laid her eggs until now, in order to seek her fortune there…

>That´s kindergarden rubbish!< Maximilian was feeling bored.

>That doesn´t matter, or does it..? In any case, I like it.< His computer seemed to have his own opinion.

>Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck…< Frieda was still angry with the owner of the layer battery and strolling along the streets of the town in which she meanwhile has arrived.

It was already daytime. A bike-rider, who seemed to be in a hurry, braked hard and almost fell off his mountain bike, as Frieda started grumbling again in the middle of the biker´s way. She could only jump out of the way shocked by the last second when the brakes squeeked and the bell shrieked.

>Watch out, you bloody hen!< Then the young man had already disappeared.

>Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck… What was that supposed to be? One´s life is at stake her. What a start…!<

In spite of that, Frieda couldn´t be diverted from her intentions and continued her walk clucking happily.

>Poor hen… What´s going to happen to her next?< Moritz really felt pity for her.

Maximilian proposed to shorten the matter a bit. The computer was with him. The boy quickened the speed with the mouse. Thereafter the images were moving quicker, the voice became faster and higher and could hardly understood anymore.

>Now slower again.< Moritz had a perfect feeling for the matter.

>Okay…< Max clicked back to normal speed.

Meantime it was eight o´clock and more and more cars were passing Frieda. > Pooh, how they stink!<

Frieda let out cluckingly. >And they are making such a noise!<

Children with huge coloured back-packs were running along the sidewalks, as though they would get there, where they were running to, something for free. Maximilian laughed unintentionally.

>What´s so funny about that?< The computer wanted to understand the situation, but his friend had no idea. For him the whole story went to slow and again he clicked on the mouse to make things go faster. For a short while, Frieda struggled on the screen.

>Now.< The speed went back to normal.

>Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck…< Frieda took cover to be on the safe side and peepde from behind the corner of the house, whether all the rascals have past her. Finally… Frieda courageously jumped down on the sidewalk again.

>A little girl with a huge schoolbag that had tried to catch up with the others, stumbled and fell down on the pavement.

>You bloody hen..!< The words escaped the child, while trying to get up to her feet.

>Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck…< Caused by the crash a few of Frieda´s feathers from her already damaged plumage were flying around.
> That´s all I need. As if I hadn´t lost enough feathers yet!< Frieda was out of her mind.

>Poor Frieda.< The computer´s sighing voice sounded really pitiful.

>You bet, she is…< Max could barely hide his laughter.

The girl had got up again on her feet and standing in front of poor Frieda. The big hole in her socks made her scold out loudly.
>Look what you´ve done! Silly hen!<

The noise of the shrilling school-bell stopped the girl´s scolding and off she ran in the direction of her school.

>Pooooooh!< The hen was gasping for breath. >Aren´t you safe here anywhere!< After gathering her few belongings again, Frieda walked down the street stout-heartedly.

Max became impatient and his glance touched the title on the CD-cover.

>And what does that all have to do with a vacuum-cleaner?< Without hesitating the boy clicked on the mouse to accelerate the story. But his computer interrupted this action.

>We shall see at once.<

Clucking, Frieda was walking down the street. After a short while the hen came to a zebra crossing, when she made her decision.

>I´m going to cross the road here and now. Everybody here does it, so it can´t be dangerous.<

If she wanted to know, whether her life was safer on the other side, she had to cross somewhere. She had no choice. Frieda stepped on the edge of the kerbstone bravely, and then, without hesitating, on to the roadway.

>Hummmmm..!< A vacuum-cleaner came dashing up from the left. >Squeeeeeek..! Can´t you watch out?<

This time the hen was whirled up into the air and landing hard on the ground, directly in front of the vacuum-cleaner. Frieda did not understand the world anymore. What happened again?

All dizzy, Frieda was touching her head. Three of her so proudly kept tail feathers were softly swaying to the ground. Frieda was shocked.

>Why do I always have to watch out? Who are you, anyway, and what are you daring to do? This time I´ve got the right way!<

>No way! You had full red. I had right of way. And, after all, I´m the vehicle.< The vacuum-cleaner was furious as well.

Maximilian got to laugh, while his computer did not seem to understand.

>What´s so funny about that?<


To be continued...

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